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The Sikh And The Turban Brand Image

5. Some people say that they prefer to follow Guru Nanak being a peaceful pacifist (rings bell about Dalai Lama's popularity)and not say the Guru Gobind's call for raising the sword in defence of injustice or unfairness of extreme kinds. So they say we are Sikhs-san-the-turban etc.

6. Turban and beard have become a symbol of beauty rather than sign of religiosity.I am not against better grooming but emphasis has shifted. There are several other points probably more important and significant than enumerated above. However it cannot be denied that the TRADE OR BRAND IMAGE OF A SIKH IS TURBAN AND BEARD. No one can argue about it or deny it. One may say "Why so?" but the fact remains that it is a rallying point of the community and the faith. A brand is built over a period and the turban and beard has become so for the Sikhs.

Another important point for the branded Sikhs (if I may use this term) is that they canot fight for their rights to wear turban, if the community/Gurdwara leaders or representatives do not themselves wear turban. Consider the plight of turbaned Sikh to be represented by a non-turbaned Sikh on say the turban issue.Unless, of course, the non-turbaned Sikhs are saying that the turbaned Sikhs should follow their wisdom to cut hair, pronto, the better. It would give them more comfort! The Sikh Religious Forums like SGPC have done almost nothing to promote the 5K's in a situation which demanded better approach under difficult and fast changing environ (political, cultural, legal, social,commercial)under which Sikhs now live. The priesthood does not command respect of intelligensia and in fact is doing more harm than good.Even if they are not "literate", the least they can do is to "appear pious and be truly sewa oriented". I would welcome a discussion without hype. Many of us face the issue with our siblings, neighbours, relatives and friends. We have to remember that "Faith" cannot be put to last degree of logic. Existence of God itself ia a matter If faith rather than logic. To me "Turban" is nostalgic and has an emotional bond with the community and religion and is an integral part of my past association with my folks and home state etc. This cannot be denied but whether it MUST BE PERPETRATED at any cost,I am open to listen to thers' wise words. Thanks.

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