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A Typical Sikh Family Stor-Movement Abroad


Lachhman Singh’s oldest daughter Surinder has now interest overseas through her daughter Harpreet’s marriage in 1989 to an IITian in Houston, thereby starting another immigrant chain. The only exception is Lachhman’s younger daughter Kuldeep Hundal, whose two children have not migrated overseas. Probably there was no strong motivation to do so. Same is the story of Lachhman Singh’s youngest son, Manmohan, who had considerable overseas exposure through Merchant Navy but preferred to stay in India. Their elder son is settled in India but plays golf mostly abroad and the younger one is working in the Gulf countries.

Their have been major changes amongst Lachhman Singh’s nephews and nieces (our first cousins) many of whom are now abroad. The story starts with Sidhu clan where youngest daughter Gurmeet’s husband, Dr.Dhillon, emigrated in steps from PAU, Ludhiana to USA. She sponsored two of her brothers to USA for better prospects. Her other brother’s widow is in Canada. Only one sister and a brother remain in India.

Lachhman Singh’s other sister married to a Chatha have a daughter in Canada while the two sons remain in India having inherited valuable agricultural land which has now been urbanized.
From Lachhman Singh’s wife Dhanwant Kaur’s side all three of the brothers are abroad but a sister remains in India.

There is the case of reverse migration. Mila, a Bulgarian, has migrated to India where she is living in Bombay with Gurtaj, son of Swarn and Livleen and grand son of Sardar Lachhman Singh. This is a migration for love or marriage or more likely both.

Migration is a very personal issue and no two cases are the same in terms of factors leading up to the decision to leave Punjab/India. However there seem to be some criteria which become evident. A major variable is the time horizon. In later years migration became easier and more importantly there was the comfort of increasing numbers of fellow migrants. Initial spear-heading by an immigrant, is soon followed by others so that family presence gets increased and in many cases gets skewed in favor of overseas compared to India.....

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