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One has also heard legends about the generosity of the Sikh Immigrants in Fiji from an article by Khushwant Singh or about these who migrated to Mexico or the Pacific Islands... These settlements look so exotic now, but imagine the difficulties these earlier immigrants must have faced. In the old days for a Punjabi to go to Bombay was almost an expedition, what to talk of going overseas! This kind of stories and historical facts excited my magination to write about Sikh immigrants and their families. How did they adapt? What do they tell their children about their distant homeland? Are they happy and what have they achieved? Hoping that my study will grow into a book on Sikh immigrants, I am searching for compatriots who recognize themselves in these stories or have more amazing ones to tell. I am particularly interested in Sikh immigration in far off places such as the Pacific Islands, Africa, South America, etc. Starting from the roots, I would like to draw the Sikh's family tree spread throughout the world. Note:The above appeared in the Indian Express, New York edition some years ago.

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