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He had to spend more than two months each in Calcutta and Singapore before he could get a passage. Ajit was married to Norma, an Argentinian whom he left behind when returning in 1994 to his village Jandiala.

Summing Up
Out of all the South American countries, Argentina has the maximum Sikh connection both historically and in terms of numbers. There is total assimilation of the Sikhs into local culture and a vast majority is locally married. Knowledge of Punjabi is disappearing but the setting up of a Gurdwara is providing a meeting point and helping in spreading Sikh ethos and Punjabi culture.

At least ceremonial events are getting to be held in the Gurdwara encouraging community feeling. Sikhs in India (Institutional help is preferred but is hardly available) can provide help through books, literature etc with emphasis on pictorial and audio presentation which should be in Spanish. Many Singhs would like closer association with Sikhs, Punjab and India. Can we rise up to the occasion?

Note: The above article appeared in the Sikh Review, Calcutta, December,2005.

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Article Published in The Sikh Review - December 2004 - No. 624
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