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It was particularly fascinating as it is so far away from our culture here. I learnt about 3HO from Nam Nidhan Kaur when she came 2-3 times to conduct courses. It so happened that I was in a very difficult situation at work as also in my personal life which was unstable at that time. When I was very young, I always wanted to know the answers to why I am here. When you are in a reflective frame of mind you tend to look outside for answers. I tried yoga and this gave me an inner consciousness, a different perspective of the world. So far I was into math and real things which do not help. I started to discover other aspects and it was really a blessing. That was the moment that Nam Nidhan came for the week-end course and I realized that that was the thing I was looking for. Not just the Yoga but also the way you feel when you are meditating and the connection with your inner self. I had the opportunity to attend a video course of Yogi Bhajan and wow it was really amazing how you felt with him. It was so strange. All of a sudden there was a certainty and I felt that there was no logical reason for uncertainties. Here it was, I became completely sure that that's what I wanted to do and practice. During my Espanola visit, I got to meet, experience and learn from many people. I wanted to provide access of these teachings to the Bolivians. You know our country has a lot of poor people who cannot go to Espanola but I felt that they should be able to get help through these teachings in their own country. I was alone in Espanola and I needed help to spread these wonderful things to people, to every body. I did not understand the difference between Kundalini yoga and the Sikhs. At that time there was a very thin line between Kundalini yoga and Sikh tradition in my mind. There are many Sikhs who do not believe in Kundalini yoga and vice versa. At the beginning it felt strange. When I returned, people here felt that I was strange, and continued to have that feeling because of the way I dressed (with turban). Yogi Bhajan has developed over the years wonderful Sikhs in the West. People are looking for something different and new.So they take to yoga. More women are interested because they are disappointed with their existing faiths/religion and they are looking for something new and different. It is mostly women who take to Yoga and its teaching. Almost 80% teachers of yoga in South America are women. For some reason I have got very much involved in this process of teaching yoga. I met Gurubachan Singh Khalsa and started discussing with him and Nam Nidhan how to grow this movement. We should do subsidiary kind of things as teachers because we have access to mantras, music and the books. Since most of these are in English it is difficult to spread the message as most people do not speak English. Many people in Mexico are working on the translations but not as fast as needed by us. Many people are trying to serve and help out is in this process. Gurubachan was very close to Yogi Harbhajan and they spent a lot of time together. Yogi Bhajan had nominated him to spearhead the movement in Latin America as Yogi himself could not do this. Gurubachan came here once last year and we did a lot of organization work where two or three people would work together. It was decided that Paraguay would be the base. Someone will take care of the office in Paraguay. A web site has been developed which is already on line and the next step is to start a magazine where all teachers can send photos and articles. This challenge has united us and I have become the representative in Bolivia. Many teachers are willing to come to S. America and La Paz. So in addition to my regular job, I do this work, organize workshops and everything else here......

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Article Published in The Sikh Review - January 2005 - No. 625
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