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A Sikh IN USA 1950's
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A SIKH IN USA - 1950's


Born in Bharatpur where his father was on deputation with the Maharaja's State Govt, Swarn was in Lahore at the time of India's independence. His later schooling was in Punjab at Ferozepur, Ludhiana and finally Amritsar for matriculation. Post F.Sc. from Punjab University College, Hoshiarpur, Swarn obtained his Engineering degree from the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. There after in 1958, he went to USA for higher studies. In February, 1960, he moved to Ohio and West Virginia with Hanna Coal for work experience. The Company offered to sponsor him for US citizenship but he opted to return in deference to the promise made to his parents - it needed explanation to his seniors in the Company that he, indeed, liked USA but was returning due other reasons. Before coming back Swarn visited Europe where he also had an opportunity for work experience in mining industry in Austria.

Swarn, as teenager. Family photo in Batala before departure for USA

A SOCIETY FORTNIGHTLY MAGAZINE - Swarn’s Departure was flashed all across India

The Assistantship normally did not cover the summer holidays but the Mining Dept was helpful in employment on special consideration. Teaching was somewhat daunting in the beginning but soon turned out to be fun. Student mannerism was some what annoying but one soon realized it wasn't personal but just the typical casual mannerism of Americans. But studies were a serious business due high costs and only committed joined the University. Life in the University town was fun. I had my two year senior...

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