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In an interesting reference pertaining to repatriation of destitute, the Sao Paulo Consul wrote to London on 17th September, 1924, “Indians came to Brazil but living conditions were not suitable so they got visas for Argentina but were refused entry to Argentina. So eight of them wish to be repatriated to India”. It can be surmised that other immigrants settled down in Brazil either temporarily or permanently. The eight persons under reference were from Jullandhar and Kapurthala.

In another reference one Captain Francis McCullagh interviewed the President of State of Amazonas on April 30th 1924 at Manaos, when he was told by H. E. that the State wants East Indian colonists as white men had given up. He clarified that as per Brazil Emigration Act of 6/1/1921, emigration was allowed on basis of relatives/other persons.
It is clear that some Sikh immigrants did not find Brazil suitable for settling down.
2 Despite this, there is evidence to the contrary about Brazil continuing to pursue
immigrants from India through Immigration Agents. As an example, an advertisement in the Indian National Herald of 20th May 1927 is interesting: Quote-

Mr. F De Santa Anne assures about “no racial discrimination and good prospects in a fertile coffee plantation country”. Mr. F De Santa Anne has come to India as an Agent for the Brazilian country. He is now in Bombay and has traveled nearly all the countries and has studied the economic and mercantile conditions of all countries. “Mr. F De Santa Anne says that the special want of Brazil is men. Agriculturists and Indians from northern India are honorably welcome. Some years before the Japanese continued immigrating to Brazil and their number is increasing. If such is the case why should Brazil not welcome Indians who are more amicable with Brazilians than Japanese. If anybody wants any further information on the point he can write or seek the undersigned.”
Passport and PassengerAgent
Dhobi Talao,
Opposite Xavier School,
Box Number 2022,


A news item of that period mentions, “130 emigrants left as result of advertisement. 15 more booked on 23rd September. Actually 16 left per SS Castalia. The Emigration Officer was satisfied with letters received from friends or relatives that there are openings for them”. From above it would appear that substantial number of Sikhs did migrate to Brazil. It is also established that some of them went to Argentina.....

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Article Published in The Sikh Review - February 2005 - No. 626
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