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He continued to go back to USA twice a year to carry out his healing work. Every time he returned he will bring back $ 5-6000. One time he brought back $10,000. Basically that is how the Gurdwara and the Ashram got built. In the mean while kids kept coming, Hari Simran Kaur, Ajit Singh and then Gobind Singh. We were training teachers to reach more people quicker. A lot of 3HO followers in USA were shy of introducing Sikh dharma. They questioned whether they were getting a religion or yoga which was their interest. I can understand that very well. But we present this as “Bhakti” yoga with kirtan. This is an experience of meeting the beloved. So we founded Kundalini and Sikh dharma together. So until this day Gurdwara is a part of teacher training. We certify the people in front of the Guru and that’s been our way. We had more women but still had a good share with men say in 3 to 2 ratio. Yoga started to grow but slowly. On personal side we were five of us with three rooms only including one for Gurdwara. This pushed us into the Gurdwara project outside the residence area. In 1999 we broke ground for the new Gurdwara building. Two weeks later, our neighbor approached on his own to offer to sell his land which my husband had always wanted to acquire. With more space available the design and structure had to be changed. The first floor was 80 percent complete by December, 2000. My husband suggested me to visit my mom as she had not seen our two sons. Although we had literally no funds available, we went to the USA in January, 2001. My husband was going to spend two weeks with us and then go for his healing job. Next morning at my mom’s house my husband said he wasn’t feeling well. Two weeks later we found out that he had prostrate cancer. He was given 2-5 years. Me with three kids and Gurdwara only 80% complete and him not having much time to live! We didn’t know what to do unless the Guru decided to do some thing. We spent eight months in the States. The Guru opened all kinds of doors for the treatment. That was miraculous. We did not even have health insurance. Some how or the other my husband started feeling good. Later on return to Brazil, his health began to deteriorate. I started to get this message from above that this Gurdwara needs to get going. I didn’t want to deal with this on my own and hence I told him that we had to move on to the Gurdwara project to which he agreed. So we started the construction of the second floor which was the Gurdwara proper. Last year was a very bad year with Gurdwara construction going on and his health deteriorating. He held himself in the body until inauguration in June of last year. You have seen the photos of inauguration. He held himself some how or the other till 17th August, 2004 when he left his physical form. In the meanwhile, the Sangat has taken over my kids as we had no money. At the Council meeting some one offered to help send the two boys to go to Amritsar, Miri Piri School. Our daughter was over age and hence she has gone to the Ashram in USA. So the kids will get the benefit of sangat which they were missing here.....

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Article Published in The Sikh Review - February 2005 - No. 627
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