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We have trained a total of about 150 teachers. There is an article which appeared in the Yoga magazine of Brazil which has covered our activities. This would help. The Gurdwara is facing practical issues as there are hardly any followers. Another couple has the SGGS in their home in Sao Paulo. Other than that there is no activity. The task assigned to my husband of propagating kundalini and Sikh dharma is now in my hands. In South America there is some progress in various countries. Although much is not happening but I see myself as the guardian of Sikh dharma in Brazil. I hold a position internationally as a guardian of kundalini yoga. I participate in the Group international meet twice a year. I am playing my role here to best of my ability and resources. Rest is up to the Guru.
PS: I have just heard from Ms. Kuvinder Kaur, Sao Paulo that the Sikh community have had a gathering at the Gurdwara and are aiming for monthly Sangats. A very satisfying development.

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Article Published in The Sikh Review - February 2005 - No. 628
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