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But that is kind of difficult to explain to the whole family. How do you explain to your mother who raised me as a Catholic and I had gone through whole Catholic tradition. Over the last twenty years they have started to respect my spiritual choice. On return from Solicites, I went to India. I was still trying to get away. I had some deep experiences but I was still on the run. In India I did meet some other spiritual teachers and I had the opportunity to switch. But there was no switching for me and it was in India that I finally made a commitment toYogi Bhajan and Sikh dharma.I joined the Ashram in USA on return. Till that time (I was thirty), it was just a question mark for me in matters like why would any one want to have children. How ever on return it ignited in me to be a mother. Yogi Bhajan had given a formula as to how to find the right mate. He said there are two ways to go about this. One is you can go out and find which is what I was doing. This was not getting me any where. The second option is to sit where you are and do a very intensive "sadhna" and attract the person. This seemed such a far out thing. I was a sort of feminist and the idea of waiting, radiating and attracting and not doing any thing was a whole new game plan. Nevertheless I decided to do this. I started to do daily a 2-hour sadhna. Soon after joining the Ashram I met an acquaintance who asked me to pick up a friend of her at the train station. This was Gurusewak whom I ended up marrying. (Big Laughter). He spoke English really bad (Brazilian). It was difficult to communicate. His packaging was different from what I usually went for. He was short and a bit plump. He was not quite yogic looking but he had a beard. He was a Healer. I had lost a lot of weight while I was in India and my metabolism was not good. I was not having my periods. I never go to see Healers. But for three months I had not had my periods, and made an appointment for a forenoon session. And that morning, I had my periods. I kept my appointment and told him that I had a reason for the appointment but I do not have that any more. So I do not know why I am here. Well, he laughed and had a huge smile. He said let us go for lunch and that’s where he asked me to marry him. My husband was forty and I was thirty. At the first possible opportunity, we met with Yogi Bhajan when my husband asked for his approval. He had a huge smile on his face and said “Blessings, Blessings”. He looked at me and said you get him back to Brazil - he does not belong here. So here it was! My destiny was signed, sealed and delivered. He said to us that you would do in South America what I did here.The very enormity of the task created a lot of personal stress but the good part was that we made the commitment to put up the Gurdwara. Before getting married in December 1984, Yogi asked me to take “amrit” which I did. We had our first baby girl in the Ashram. To keep our commitment to Yogi Ji, we moved to Brazil when our daughter was 11 months old. My husband was uneasy in coming down at that time as Brazil was going through financial and political uncertainties. We were trying to have some money before moving. I guess we had only about $ 3000 that was all the cover we had for the future.My husband had an apartment in Sao Paulo and we made a commitment to build the Gurdwara. So we brought the Guru and installed it in a very small closet in our first apartment. That was our first Gurdwara. Later on we moved to this beautiful place a little distant from centre of the town. My husband worked very hard to get us established here.....

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Article Published in The Sikh Review - February 2005 - No. 626
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